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1 to 10 November

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Introduction and Video

Power Up and Play

Power Up and Play is Scope’s new fundraising event, built for streamers and gamers alike. Designed in collaboration with disabled gamers, Power Up and Play shines a light on the importance of accessibility and the power of inclusion.

Whether you play to beat your best score, to relax or to share your unique experience of gaming, there’s an activity or challenge for you.

1 to 10 November 2021

It's game over for disability inequality. Power Up and Play with Scope and help create a world where disabled people are never excluded again.

How you can Power Up and Play

Power Up

Get ready, tune in to livestreams and hear first‑hand from disabled gamers.


Choose your activity or challenge, get gaming, and raise vital funds for Scope.

Step 1

Choose your activity or challenge and decide if you’re going to livestream.

Step 2

Set up a fundraising page, decide your fundraising target and spread the word.

Step 3

Check out our calendar of livestreams and tune in.

Step 4

Get gaming and fundraise for Scope.

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Activities and challenges

Pick an activity or challenge that suits you or get creative and design your own. You can take on 1 or take on many. Join forces with friends and family or go solo. Play any game on any platform.

It’s up to you how you Power Up and Play. It’s your game, your way, your win.

Back to basics

Resist temptation and avoid using any upgrades, power‑ups or equipment and see how long you can last.

Point Scorer

Test your limits, outdo yourself and set a new point scoring record. Or compete against friends to become the ultimate point scorer.

Speed run

Speed is the name of this game! Compete against yourself or friends and complete a game or level as quickly as you can.

Level Up

Consider yourself a gaming pro? Set the difficulty level one higher and see if you can replicate the same success. Good luck!

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Fundraising incentives

Get your hands on Power Up and Play merchandise when you reach fundraising milestones.

Power up and play logo

All of the merchandise features the power up and play logo. It is in white capital letters on a purple background. Power up is on top and there is an arrow pointing up from one side of the letter u. And play is underneath. The word and is in the shape of a controller D pad. This is next to the letter P in the word Play which has two dots that look like controller buttons.

A range of power up and play branded stickers including the power up and play logo and more


Raise £100 and receive a Power Up and Play set of stickers.

A purple mug with a white handle and with the power up and play logo on it


Raise £300 and receive a Power Up and Play mug.

A purple t-shirt with the power up and play logo on the left side of the chest


Raise £500 and receive a Power Up and Play t‑shirt.

A purple hoodie with the power up and play logo on the left side of the chest


Raise £800 and receive a Power Up and Play hoodie.


Raise £1,500 and receive a Power Up and Play set of stickers, t‑shirt, mug, and hoodie!

Calendar of supporting events

Tune into livestreams and events and hear directly from disabled gamers and content creators.

The Gaming Industry: career options

Join special guests from across the industry for a panel discussion on the Gaming Industry as a career choice. What roles are out there, what qualifications do you need, and what’s the culture really like?

Watch here

SightlessKombat does #PowerUpAndPlay

SK has never had any sight whatsoever, but has been playing videogames for as long as he can remember. Tune in to find out how, and hear about his experiences in gaming.

Watch here

A word on Co‑production

Power Up and Play was co-produced in collaboration with 7 disabled gamers. Hear from the group and Scope about what co‑production is and why it matters.

Watch here

Join the action on the Power Up and Play Discord server where event hosts and speakers will be answering your questions in the chat in real time.

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Accessibility in gaming

Gaming brings many benefits. It helps people relax, manage stress, and socialise. We wanted to find out about disabled people’s experience of gaming. So, we spoke to 1,326 disabled and non‑disabled people about their experiences.

Two thirds of gamers with an impairment or condition told us they face barriers when gaming.

From the cost of assistive tech to the lack of information about accessibility before buying a game. These barriers can exclude disabled people from enjoying the benefits of gaming.

By taking part in Power Up and Play, you’re helping shine a light on the importance of accessibility and the power of inclusion. We want to see gaming made truly accessible to everyone.

Read our Accessibility in Gaming report

Are you a games developer or publisher interested in improving accessibility?
We'd love to work with you. Email us at gaming@scope.org.uk

Support Scope today

Scope exists to create a fairer society for disabled people.

We provide practical advice and emotional support to disabled people and their families, when it’s needed most. We use our collective power to change attitudes and end injustice. We campaign relentlessly to create a fairer society. And we won’t stop until we achieve a society where all disabled people enjoy equality and fairness.

How your fundraising helps

100 pounds

could help us run our online community for one week, providing a supportive forum for over 100,000 disabled people, parents, and carers to connect with others and receive information, advice, and support.

317 pounds and 50 pence

could support one young disabled person through our Careers Pathways service, accessing three sessions with a specialist careers adviser.

500 pounds

could cover the cost of over 50 phone calls to the Scope helpline, providing free, independent and impartial advice and support on issues that matter to disabled people and their families.

Fundraising totaliser

A graph showing our progress towards our £40,000 target.


Power Up and Play fundraising leaderboard

Check out how much you have raised and where you are on the Power Up and Play leaderboard.

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